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How Much Does It Cost To Install Air Conditioning?

Looking for Air Conditioning Installation?

This year has changed the circumstances of millions of Americans. One of the biggest changes facing millions of workers is the transition from in-office to at-home work. If you’re working from home, you’re probably enjoying the cool air coming with the fall and rainy season here in Vancouver, Washington. However, perhaps you’re still remembering those sweltering summer days just a few weeks ago. Did you know that the fall is one of the best times of year to get your new air conditioning installed? Take a look at the following factors that influence air conditioner installation cost and ways to save money on your new HVAC system.

Factors That Affect Air Conditioner Installation Cost

You have to research more than the price of an air conditioning unit when trying to estimate the cost of air conditioner installation. There are other costs associated with air conditioning installation such as the following.

Pre-Installation Inspection and Energy Audit

One of the first things you need to do to ensure the proper installation of your HVAC unit is to have a heating and cooling technician come to your house and evaluate its energy-efficiency. A Manual J Load Calculation is one of the most important steps to ensure that you get the right sized unit for your home. The calculation reveals how much heat your house gains throughout the day and what size air conditioning unit is the most efficient for your home. Ideally, the Manual J Load Calculation is part of a whole home energy audit. An energy audit will identify any drafts or air leaks that could increase the operating and maintenance costs of your HVAC system. While an energy audit can cost several hundred dollars, it’s possible that your utility company will offer a rebate for the service.

Design and Ductwork

how much does it cost to install air conditioning unit in washington

Another factor that affects air conditioning installation cost is the design of your home and any existing ductwork. There are a lot of variables when it comes to this part of air conditioner installation. If you have existing ductwork, you may need to upgrade it to be compatible with new air conditioning technology. If you don’t have any existing ductwork, you’ll need to pay to have it installed. While this process can add several thousand dollars to the overall cost of professional HVAC installation, you’ll end up saving money in operation costs and you’ll be more comfortable in your home. Additionally, your air conditioning contractor will ensure that you have the space to run a refrigerant line, for air conditioner coils, and for adequately-sized vents. Any upgrades or remodeling that has to happen for proper installation will end up costing more but your wallet will thank you (and so will the environment) for an energy-efficient cooling system.

Central Air Conditioning Unit

The last thing that affects the cost of air conditioning installation is the actual HVAC unit itself. There are multiple different types of air conditioning units, such as:

  • Split air conditioning systems. Split air conditioning systems include three main components: the condensing unit, the evaporator coil, and the air handler. The condensing unit is placed outside the home. The evaporator coil and air handler are installed inside. Split systems are often the most economical choice if your home already has a furnace. These systems are quiet and generally affordable to operate and maintain.
  • Packaged central air systems. Packaged central air systems are not common in residential settings. However, they work in much the same way that a split system works except that all three components are housed in the same location, usually on the roof or next to the foundation. These systems are not quite as efficient as split air conditioning systems, but they may be appropriate in some settings.
  • Heat pumps. Heat pumps act as both an air conditioner and a furnace. This sort of system is the most appropriate for mild climates. A heat pump will extract hot air from the home during the summer and dump it outside. Then, in the winter, converts outdoor heat and pumps it inside to keep you and your family warm. Heat pumps can be an affordable and efficient option for your home, especially if you already have a gas furnace in your home.

How Can Tri-Tech Heating Help You?

We here at Tri-Tech Heating, Inc. have been providing complete air conditioning repair to Vancouver, Washington since 1993. We are locally owned and operated and take pride in serving our Vancouver, Washington neighbors. Our fully-licensed team of HVAC technicians works on every make and model air conditioner. We provide 100% customer satisfaction on every job we do and stand behind our work with a complete quality guarantee. Call today to get started!

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How Much Does It Cost To Install Air Conditioning?

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