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Ansen was honest and outstanding – cared about the customer first and foremost!

Wow! Where do I begin? My friend referred me to Tri Tech recently after she got a new heat pump installed in her home and referred me specifically to Ansen.

We were in need of a new furnace (or so we thought) so I called Tri Tech and they sent Ansen out provide a bid. Before he began, I gave him the backstory that our furnace has been broken for the past year and keep in mind we also have an 8-month old (space heaters have been $$$ to operate!!!). Some other company sent out a technician a year ago and that person let us know that our furnace was old and in need of replacing and the PVC pipes that fed air in and out from the furnace were all in need of replacing as well.

After Ansen heard the story he looked at our furnace was skeptical of said diagnosis. He asked to look outside of the house for any potential blockages that might be hindering the air from getting in or leaving. He cleaned a little bit of debris out, but we identified that wasn’t the issue – the furnace still wasn’t working. He opened up the top of the furnace where it ignites and tinkered with it for 30 solid minutes and right around the 50th minute he fixed the whole thing! He said even though our furnace was old, it was still in good shape and that he wasn’t there to try to upsell on new equipment when the current equipment we have is perfectly fine.

I really appreciate the honesty and Tri Tech and Ansen have definitely won us over as future clients for forward-looking projects!

William H

Above and beyond!

First, Ansen was amazing when he came out to do the bid. He was knowledgeable and patiently answered all my questions and concerns.

Today was installation day, and Josh and Brandon did an amazing job!

There was some confusion about some of the equipment I had ordered, and Ansen came out first thing in the morning to clarify things so the guys could get started.

I only have Monday’s off, and originally we thought it was a one-day job (because we were replacing an existing unit the labor was expected to take less time)

Because of the misunderstanding on my part with the bedroom unit, and then my deciding to go ahead with the ceiling unit in the bedroom, they said it could take part of Tuesday as well.

The guys doubled down and got it done before 4:00 PM today!!! Impressive!

Thanks again….the whole experience from the bidding process to the completion of the job was
painless and seamless!

Kristi Greenman

You Can Trust Tri-Tech Heating

When you sent Tri Tech Heating tech Ansen to my home to solve my problem, you gained my lifetime business! Ansen gained my trust in you. I will spread the word!

Trisha Taylor


After several other consults Tri-Tech was our last bid and the obvious choice. Ansen was able to provide us with more than a bid. He educated us on how our systems work (AC & Furnace) and what all of our options were moving forward. The bid was middle of the road price wise compared to other competitors and easy to understand the breakdown. The office staff was professional and easy to provide payment. BUT THE BEST PART was the install team. Christian and his team were excellent. Due to changes in code we believed our AC would have to be moved to a less ideal local. This was a bummer…but Christian came in and found a way to move things to keep the current location. He listened to our thoughts and went above and beyond to ensure the new furnace and AC looked polished. The electrician team installed new outlets for far more practical use without even asking. We can’t say enough good things. Corporate quality with a small business feel.

Kendle Malella

New furnace & AC

Josh & Brandon installed a new furnace & AC unit in my house. They were fully knowledgeable and efficient. All areas were cleaned up when they were finished. They did a great job and I would highly recommend them.

Noel Sawyer

Tom was amazing !

After calling around town all day long looking for someone to fix our natural gas pipe and being turned down by every business because they were booked out 1 month+! I called Tri-Tech and they put me in touch with Tom , he didn’t have availability for a while either but said they could do an emergency call and get it taken care of if needed. I informed him my dad was going to look and see if it was a simple fix that he could take care of and that I would I call them back as soon as I knew if we could handle the repair ourselves. He told me I could have my dad call him if he needed assistance or had any questions over the phone , which was so nice to hear that he cared more about helping us then making money off of us. If that wasn’t enough he went out of his way to stop by on his way home from work and check in with us , my dad had a couple questions that he answered quickly for us and it was such a thoughtful gesture! I was extremely stressed as I am having a baby in 3 days and the timing couldn’t of been worse for this to break but he really made it known that he cares about not just the business but the people he is helping. We will use Tri-tech for any and all future services!

Alyssa Monahan

Another great service call

In the years that Tri-Tech has serviced my furnace, gas fireplace and air conditioner I have never had a bad experience. Even on the emergency calls :).

A recent routine maintenance call was especially educational as a new-to-me- tech (Randy) explained what he was doing and patiently answered all my questions.

Linda Wiener