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Modern Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type Air Conditioning System In Coffee Shop

5 Ways HVAC Failure Affects Your Business

Modern Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type Air Conditioning System In Coffee Shop

The rising temperatures across Oregon and Washington have made one thing clear: HVAC failure is not an option.

In fact, the failure of a Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition system comes with a serious price tag to your business that can affect health, productivity, materials and running costs. All of these extra costs will eventually, if not immediately, catch up with the profit margin. Even worse, a heating and cooling breakdown can cause a cascading failure where provoking even more expenses than just HVAC maintenance.

Tri-Tech Heating and Cooling has taken the time to list out five ways that HVAC failures can wreak havoc on your business. Also, did we mention that HVAC failures can lead to fire? Read on to learn more!

HVAC failure can lead to increased monthly energy bills

HVAC systems are designed to extend the season during which your business can be profitable. HVAC breakdown could mean that you have too little or too much air conditioning or heating, and this can lead to increased energy costs and reduced energy efficiency. Paired with poor insulation, your monthly energy bills will increase and yet your business will become an untenable space for both clients and workforce alike.

Component issues such as dirty coils, a refrigerant leak or compressor failure can also lead to a higher material cost if your system is no longer capable of maintaining temperature in the office or storefront. Expensive repairs and ultimately HVAC replacement might be in order to reestablish a business or office environment that does not feel like the surface of the Sun or an ice cube on Pluto depending on the season.

HVAC failure can affect the productivity of your employees

Poor HVAC can lead to decreased productivity because of uncomfortable temperatures or poor air quality. During the summer months, this deficiency can lead to an increase in heat sensitivity, headaches and fatigue. It will affect your employees’ ability to focus. When the indoor environment rises above 80 degrees, people experience cognitive decline in the form of slower reaction times and less creative thinking.

During the winter months a HVAC failures can cause freezing temperatures resulting in the same reduced productivity as energy is used to keep the body warm. All of these factors contribute to decreased productivity as the failure becomes one more stressor for your employees, making it significantly harder for them to work. After temperatures reach a certain level, it becomes impossible for them to work at all, as the heat or cold exposes them to major health risks.

HVAC failure can cause health concerns due to heat, mold and bacteria growth

HVAC systems that are not properly tuned and balanced will lead to increased health risks including respiratory problems. Allergic reactions and asthma episodes occur more often in indoor environments with poor air circulation. That’s not the only issue caused by poor indoor air quality. Increased temperatures can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke necessitating emergency services.

Mold and bacteria can also grow in a poorly ventilated workspace, poisoning your employees. Reduced airflow allows the conditions for mold to more easily gain a foothold in the business. Not only can they spread via walls and office furniture, but also office plants. Moreover, they will result in the building being closed for decontamination and repairs that increase costs and reduce potential revenue. Regular maintenance can avoid these issues by allowing a licensed technicians to review and take preventative measures for your HVAC system.

HVAC failure will decrease the lifespan of your interior materials

Interior materials, especially office equipment and office plants, even office fabrics like carpets, draperies, and furniture, do not respond well to extreme variations in temperature. They can be damaged by HVAC failures. Heating and cooling systems suffering from inadequate maintenance can cause the materials to fade and become brittle from moisture, which will require costly replacement of these materials in your business.

More seriously, it can lead to computer system failures if temperatures are too hot or too cold for long. Technology does not respond well to these changes in temperature and the resultant poor air quality can build up dust or moisture, neither of which mix well with circuit boards. Replacing these are all unexpected costs that cause more frustration and financial hardship in addition to an already spotty heating and air conditioning.

HVAC failure is a money pit and could also be a fire hazard

HVAC systems are designed for office spaces and other businesses, but if they fail early on in their lifespan, it could be a significant loss for your business. Moreover, HVAC failures are a cascading failure, leading to worse outcomes and higher business costs in a great deal many areas. HVAC replacement can be expensive especially if the failure has led to water damage and the HVAC unit is no longer serviceable.

But a faulty HVAC air filter can also spark a fire because of a failure to properly evacuate particulates and maintain air quality. The increased airborne particulates can irritate components and spark a fire. Any result of fire in a business is a logistical nightmare and could result in more than just damage. A fire could shutter the business and come with such incredible costs which make a HVAC replacement price tag look minuscule by comparison.

Tri-Tech Heating Can Service Your Heating and Cooling System

With each passing summer in the Pacific Northwest air conditioning becomes less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Clearing impediments to your chances for a successful enterprise can be as basic as a simple service call. If your heat and cooling system has turned from solid to questionable, it’s time to slate an appointment for HVAC maintenance with Tri-Tech Heating and Cooling of Vancouver.

Our service area includes Multnomah, Clark and Cowlitz Counties and not only offer services for commercial HVAC, but residential too! We also install and maintain gas and electric fireplaces and help review air quality. Contact us today to see what Tri-Tech can do for you!

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5 Ways HVAC Failure Affects Your Business

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