We have been providing reliable heating and cooling services to customers since 1993 and there a few things you should consider before hiring any HVAC contractor.  We’ve put together some information below for you to consider when researching local heating and air conditioning services:

  • Permits:
    • Permits need to be pulled through the county or city (depending on where you live) for Any and all installs. This includes furnaces, heat pumps, a/c, water heaters and GAS PIPING (which includes all gas pipe extensions over 3 feet). Did you know that if your home has issues, such as fire, water or . . . and the cause is determined to be the work that was completed without a permit, insurance claims may be denied?
  • Hidden fees for service calls:
    • Sometimes companies call things differently. ask the following possible unexpected charges:
      • Diagnostic charge?
      • Trip Fee?
      • Is there an hour minimum?
    • This should help with hidden fees.
  • Cracked heat exchangers (don’t let them fool you!):
    • While paying for an additional service call may seem expensive,  if your system is relatively new (like under 5 years) please get a second opinion if the first company says that you have a cracked heat exchanger (especially if the company is new too you). This is one of the most common abuses we’ve seen in our industry.

We are an approved HVAC contractor by Clark County PUD and our technicians are N.A.T.E certified which means they are trained to perform quality installation and repairs on a broad range of heating and cooling systems.  We are dedicated to providing superior service to all of our customers, so give us a call today for any of your residential or commercial HVAC needs!