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Furnace Installation Salmon Creek

Excellent Furnace Installation Services in Salmon Creek, Washington

furnace installation Salmon Creek

In winter, homeowners around Salmon Creek, Washington, depend on a reliable gas or electric furnace to heat their living space. Without a modern and functional heater, your central heating system could be costing you a lot of money in utilities.

For a new furnace, or even an inspection to see if replacing your furnace is the right decision, call the professionals at Tri-Tech Heating, Inc.

At Tri-Tech Heating, Inc., our goal is to make your home comfortable and cozy through excellent climate control. We will help you choose and install the most cost-effective furnace for your home. We’ll make sure this product saves you money over the long run by keeping your energy bill lower than before.

Types of Furnaces

When choosing the right furnace, consider one that will be most efficient for your home. Our technicians will be sure to help you through the selection process and help you find the furnace system that meets your home’s needs. Here’s what to think about:

  • Fuel: Gas or electric, we install both types of furnaces.
  • Economy: Choose a furnace that will be most economical over the long run.
  • Efficiency: Choose a furnace that has an electronic ignition as opposed to a pilot light. A high efficiency furnace also produces heat with 90 percent or more of the fuel.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are becoming a more popular choice, given their easy installation, convenience, and energy efficiency. Your electric furnace conducts heat the same way a toaster would: with coils. The heat generated by these coils is then fanned throughout the house with a built-in blower.

Gas Furnaces

Natural gas furnaces are extremely common among Northwestern homes. In general, they cost less than electric furnaces, since gas is a cheaper utility. Plus, gas furnaces pair easily with an air conditioner and heat pump.

Our NATE-certified, licensed, and bonded technicians know the specifics of any furnace in need of repair, replacement, or installation. We also install ductless heat pumps, which provide more energy efficiency and lower your monthly energy bill.

About Tri-Tech Heating, Inc.

At Tri-Tech Heating, Inc., our team of trained HVAC technicians troubleshoot your furnace and fix any problems on the spot. We also install every type of furnace known to man, and we do it quickly. That way, you can live in cozy comfort with the help of a new heating system, without raising the cost of your energy bill.

We began our business in 1993 as a family-owned and operated business with the purpose of being the top choice for HVAC services. Since then, we’ve provided to Camus homeowners the best furnaces, fireplaces, and air conditioning units. Our level of quality workmanship and customer communication goes above and beyond the competition. Call us for an estimate and inspection today! We also provide air conditioning repair in Vancouver and Camas!

A Furnace service that understands the needs of Salmon Creek residents

Our locally-owned and operated company been serving the Salmon Creek area since 1993 and has continually to worked to service the complete heating and cooling needs for our neighbors and friends. As local residents ourselves, our technicians understand the needs of Salmon Creek homes and want to make your HVAC experience as stress-free as possible. This is why we offer free estimates on all furnace installations and financing on all of our products and services. Call Tri-Tech Heating and Cooling today to get your new furnace that we know will serve you well for years to come.