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Ductless Heat Pump Vancouver WA

Vancouver, Washington Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless Heat Pump Vancouver WA

At Tri-Tech Heating Inc., we offer reliable Ductless Heat Pump Installation Services in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Often referred to as a mini-split system, ductless heat pumps are complicated to install without a professional HVAC expert. Tri-Tech’s technicians bring knowledge and credentials to the table, installing ductless heat pump Vancouver, Washington residents can depend on.

We are well-equipped and experienced to take projects for installing ductless heat pump in commercial and residential settings, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Why choose our ductless heat pump installation services?

For every ductless heat pump you need installed, we’ll deliver results to your satisfaction. Besides suggesting the right place for the installation and possible ways to save cost, we also do furnace repair and fireplace repair, as well as educate our clients on how to use the pump efficiently to enjoy longevity and excellent performance.

Our technicians are certified, licensed, and bonded under NATE which makes us a pro in ductless heat pump installation and repair services. We ensure that you enjoy an uninterrupted outcome from your ductless heat pump.

Comprehensive heat pump services:

At Tri-Tech Heating Inc., we are known to deliver a comprehensive range of ductless heat pump services. From installing a new pump to repairing minor issues as well as critical breakdowns, we are expert technicians who know the ins and outs about ductless heat pumps. While you may try to consider a ductless heat pump installation as a DIY project, there’s potential you could make mistakes that a pro at Tri-Tech would never make. In other words, we guarantee satisfaction with your installation.

Extensive range of heat pump services that we provide include:

  • Installing all types of ductless heat pumps
  • Diagnosing problems in operations and offering solution
  • Repairing broken pumps and suggesting ways for efficient use
  • Thermostat malfunctioning and repair

Call us today for new ductless heat pump installation or repair services:

If you have bought a new ductless heat pump and want to get it installed, our expert team members can help you with precision. If your existing ductless heat pump is giving you a problem, you can again ask us to run a thorough check and identify the underlying issue. We are trained and certified to render all types of ductless heat pumps Vancouver WA services (repair & Installation). We also provide furnace repair in Camas, Vancouver, and Salmon Creek!

As a family-owned company, Tri-Tech brings dedication, customer satisfaction, and workmanship to every installation, repair, and project. We cater to our client’s requirements more efficiently that way. Our goal is to be synonymous with excellence in HVAC installation or repair services.