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Ductless Heat Pump Salmon Creek

Ductless Heat Pump Salmon Creek

Have our master installers set up a ductless heat hump in your home

Whether you’re a homeowner or have your own business, It’s important to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Here at Tri-Tech Heating, we employ a team of master installers who can get you set up quickly and effortlessly, The future of heating and cooling is ductless; keep reading to see why you might need one of these systems.

Call Tri-Tech Heating, Inc. today for ductless heat pump installation!

Units are permanent and simple to set up

A ductless heat pump installs on the outside of your building. Instead of having to open up the walls to run ductwork from room to room, we simply drill one small hole and install the inner control unit and the heater.

Unlike a window-mounted air conditioner, this system is permanent, and it’s sealed to prevent leaks. This setup also better for your building’s security since you don’t need to leave part of your windows open, and thus more vulnerable to intruders.

Customize the system to your specific needs

You can scale your ductless heat pump system to suit your situation. Suppose you have a business with a front office and a large warehouse in the back. You might only need to keep the reception area warm for customers. Have Tri-Tech Heating set up a pump in the front to keep customers warm.

As your need more rooms to have climate control capabilities you can call us back to set up more pumps throughout the building. With a normal system you have to do decide how much of your home you want heated before contracting the installation, or else further jobs become more complicated.

Save yourself money in the long run

In a normal ducted heating system the air passes through a series of metal tubes, and the heat can radiate throughout the entire network, warming up rooms that might be empty. With a ductless heat pump you only ever need to warm up the areas that you want heated.

This can save you between 25 and 50% on your annual heating bill. Depending on how often you run it, this can add up to hundreds of dollars per year. This also has the added benefit of reducing your environmental impact.

Make your home more comfortable for everyone

Some types of home heating system don’t allow for individual control. When you turn on the heat in one room, it activates throughout the entire house.

With a ductless heating and cooling system, one someone in one room can stay warm and toasty, which another person can stay as cool as they like. This is useful for areas with different functions, such as a gym or workout room, compared to a bedroom or living room.

Trust the staff at Tri-Tech Heating for ductless heat pump installations in Salmon Creek

We’re licensed in both Oregon and Washington, and we can come to you. Our highly trained staff members are all N.A.T.E. certified and have experience in setting up ductless heat pumps. We can get you set up as soon as possible. There’s minimal intrusion into your home so you can get back to normal with less downtime.

Tri-Tech Heating services all makes and models of ductless heat pumps.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating benefits from decades of design expertise. Their pumps feature advanced technology. They deliver both hot and cold air on demand, and do so in an extremely energy efficient manner. Mitsubishi heat pumps run on relatively low levels of power to save you even more on your heating bill.

No matter which model you choose, you can count on Tri-Tech Heating to expertly install your ductless heat pump in Salmon Creek today. We also provide furnace repair in Salmon Creek, Camas, and Vancouver!