Ductless Air conditioning in Vancouver WA – who cares when it’s raining and cold?

We do!

Ductless air conditioning in Vancouver WA brings the comfort of air conditioning to homes that previously had to have “window” air conditioners or suffer through those hot summer nights.

With today’s technology, you can get rid of that ugly mess, the boards and hoses that come along with window air conditioning solutions! Ductless air conditioning in Vancouver WA will also improve the value of your home for resale. While on days like today, when it feels like a return to winter, it might be hard to remember that just last week we were enjoying a taste of summer and 80 degree weather, you might think “who needs air conditioning anyway”, it’s really a great time to research ductless air conditioning in Vancouver WA.

How does it work?

Ductless air conditioning systems are based on two major parts:  a small, unobtrusive, indoor air delivery unit and a larger outdoor compressor unit. The indoor unit is installed near the ceiling on an exterior wall. Holes created through the wall to the outside, and refrigerant lines are fed through them. The refrigerant lines connect to the outdoor compressor, which typically sits on a level concrete slab on the ground. The outdoor compressor is connected to a source of electricity.

When adding a vent system to your home is cost prohibitive or simply not a feasible option, choosing ductless air conditioning is the most efficient and cost effective way to gain the benefits of central air at a much lower cost of entry.

Give us a call to learn how ductless air conditioning in Vancouver WA can improve your indoor air quality!