Vancouver WA Furnace Special ends October 31, 2012!

Woman keeping warm when furnace goes out

Don’t miss out on this special offer! Get a brand new York Furnace just in time for the cold winter days and save $275.00.

Our furnace is something we take for granted … until it’s not there for us! Winter is not the time of year to have your furnace go out. Not sure you need a new furnace? Let us help you decide. We don’t believe in replacing furnaces that don’t need replacing. That is why we offer competitive pricing on heating and cooling service and repair.

However, when it is time for a new furnace we make sure you get the one that best meets your needs and your budget.

In Vancouver WA heating and air conditioning units get used. If you service them properly they can last for many years. But even the best, well maintained furnace can reach it’s “end of life”. Don’t let yours die in the middle of a winter storm!

Getting your heating and cooling units serviced can prevent unexpected outages and also allows you to plan ahead when it starts to look like it’s time to replace an aging furnace or air conditioning unit. Give us a call to schedule a visit today. We will let you know where things are at and, if need be, help you make the best decision on a new furnace.

Just in time for cool weather!

Fall Furnace Special from York Supply

October Furnace Special

Furnace Installation - York Furnace

Receive a free 10 labor warranty (YRCPFURN120LM) with the purchase of a York Modulating (YP9) or a York two stage variable speed 96% furnace (TM9V).

$275.00 Value

Guide Lines:

  • Furnace MUST be ordered and have an invoice date on or before 2:30 p.m. of 10/31/12.
  • Installation of the Furnace must be completed by November 30, 2012

Heating and Air Conditioning units should be part of your spring / summer remodeling budget

Remodeling can be a rewarding and expensive process, but the investment is worth it. Furnace and Air Conditioning solutions in Vancouver WA should be at the top of the list. A good furnace can save you a lot of money during those cold winter months and it is often a small additional cost to add an air conditioning solution during the same process. Here in the northwest we often put air conditioning on the “would like to have” instead of the “must have” list. Here at Tri-Tech we help you push it over to the must have list by showing you how many options there are to keep it cost effective and reliable.

Heating & Air Conditioning ContractorsA high quality heating and air conditioning solution can do more than increase your comfort. Because of the added value, you can often make back the money you spend when you decide to sell.

Heating and cooling systems can be complicated. It’s our job to make finding the right one as simple as possible. So find everything you need right here, from the basics of heating and cooling to the state-of-the-art technology that keeps your indoor air clean and fresh.

Whatever you are considering we’ve got you covered: