Cold weather is a great time to think about air conditioning!

Well, maybe not really think about turning on the air conditioning – but it is a good time to consider the condition your air conditioning unit is in.

This time of year we are often called out on an emergency basis to service furnaces and fireplaces. But why not be proactive and turn an emergency furnace repair call into a consultation and evaluation about your long term heating and cooling needs?

We, of course, want to get your furnace up and running as soon as possible to insure you are comfortable and warm during these winter months. However, when the weather is cold it is also often dry and clear here in the Vancouver and Portland metro area.

As long as we can get to you air conditioning unit we can clean it and service it too.

If you don’t already have forced air cooling, the time to get it is if / when you are replacing your furnace. In many cases, purchasing both solutions at the same time can save thousands of dollars when compared to purchasing and installing air conditioning and furnace solutions at different times.

Give us a call and let us help you create a heating and cooling plan today!